AGM February 11th. 2021 (Via Video Conferencing)

Tennis Sussex AGM – 11 February 2021 (via video conferencing)

This is to notify you that the Tennis Sussex AGM will be held on 11 February 2021 at 7.30pm.  Given the current restrictions on meetings, it will be held via video conferencing and a link and any further instructions for virtual attendance will be circulated once it is known who will be attending.

I would like to remind you that, in accordance with the Sussex County LTA Rules any resolutions or nominations for the AGM must reach me by not later than one month prior to the meeting, ie by 11 January 2021.  They should be sent to me via email (

It might help to remind you of the rules concerning attendance and voting at the AGM (see below in italics).  We will, therefore, need to know who is attending the meeting and also, for voting purposes, who is representing each Club.


13.7     Voting at Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings shall be as follows:


  1. a)        Member Clubs shall have the right to nominate representatives to attend and vote in accordance with the following scale:

                        A Club having up to four courts may have one representative.

                        A Club having from five to eight courts may have up to two representatives.

                        A Club having nine courts or more may have up to three representatives.


  1. b)         excepting Vice Presidents, Trustees, and Patrons, who have no voting rights, each other Member present shall have one vote.


  1. c)         Resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority.  In the event of an equality of votes the chairman of the meeting shall have a casting or additional vote.



13.8     Any Member not being an individual may by resolution of its board of management authorise such person or persons (as the case may be) as it thinks fit to act as its representative or representatives at General Meetings.  A person so authorised is entitled to exercise the same powers on behalf of the Member as that Member could exercise if it was an individual Member.


13.9     There shall be no right for a Member to vote by proxy.  No person may represent more than one Member.


It would be very helpful if you could inform the office well ahead of time whether you intend to attend the meeting, letting us have your email address.  In accordance with the Rules we will be sending out all papers relating to the AGM  (Agenda, Management Board Report, Accounts/Treasurer’s Report etc) no less than 10 days before the meeting as well as any additional instructions relating to attendance and to voting.

Jean Cooke

(Secretary – Tennis Sussex)