Could Amherst overtake Grasshoppers in Div 5 and who is going to stop Maresfield? Plus a resume of Divisions 5,6 and 7

You would think that the Grasshoppers have got Division 5E all sewn up with 18 points from their 6 matches but Amherst lurk having only played 4 matches. If they can get maximum points against Cooden Beach and Hailsham then they will nick it from the well know “Drinking Club with a tennis problem”. And that would be tough on Guy Rogers who has won 7 of his 8 matches. At the bottom Saltdean, Seaford, Hailsham and Mayfield are in a tight struggle to stay in the Division.

The situation is similar in Division 5W although there are three clubs involved. Billingshurst is currently top but have played all their matches. Chichester need maximum from their last match to overtake them but it is West Worthing who are probably best placed who can potentially end up with 18 points and win the Division if they hammer Slinfold and Storrington. But its a tough call.

Division 6E is all wrapped up by Cross in Hand who have won the Division at a canter taking 18 points from their 5 matches. Their results suggest easy wins but closer examination shows that they won a lot of their matches with CTB’s. There is mental strength there in the shape of Mikey Turek, Richard Collier Keywood, James Smith and David Boorman.

In the basement of the division, Southdown, The Green, David Lloyd and Meads are struggling but as DL have only played 3 matches they are best placed to avoid the dreaded.

In Division 6W Comptons are best placed to win the Division with 12 points from 4 matches. Bognor are top at the time of writing but have played all their matches and have just a one point cushion. Grasshoppers are in third and could theoretically nick it if Comptons make an absolute porridge of their last matches. Not likely. It looks like Horsham and the Weald team will be checking out the teams in a lower division next time round.

Brian Fideler Maresfield. Tennis Sussex Volunteer of the Year

The Maresfield First Team look odds on to win Division 1 and their Second Team look as though they are going to do similar with Division 7E. After just 3 matches they have 12 points through the efforts of Matt Sawyer, Gary Davies and Brian Fidler who all have 100% records. And although Preston are four points ahead they have played all their matches. Its been quite a winter for far. At the other end of the table East Grinstead look doomed with Cross in Hand also struggling.

In Division 7W Steyning are 5 points clear of Wickwoods with one match to play. And seeing as that match is against Wickwoods a draw will guarantee the Division. Steyning are a small club with just three courts that punch well above their weight. Their players Simon Clavell Bate, Tim Crossfield, Peter Lane and Alex Wakefield are a formidable four in that division. David Lloyd, Arundel and Storrington have all been soundly beaten by Steyning and languish down at the wrong end of the table.

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