Defiant Sports organise a tennis skills festival at Eastbourne for 50 children

Great fun was had at the Eastbourne Tennis Skills Festival for Young people who may have a barrier to participation. This was led by Defiant Sports with support from the LTA in order to promote the LTA Youth tennis scheme, timed to coincide with the start of the Viking International Eastbourne Tournament.

Young people from Hazel Court FE, South Downs School and the Electively Home Educated community had opportunities to develop their tennis shots and enjoy some on court fun, using the new LTA Youth resource pack.

Hampden Park Tennis Club supported the day by giving free court access to the newly refurbished community courts and 50 children got to experience tennis, have fun, and receive a certificate and medal for joining in. A follow up youth start course was also offered, by Defiant Sports, which is open to local children who would like to get involved in playing tennis. If you would like more info get in touch on 

The Tennis Sussex Festival of Tennis - June 9th 2022

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