EGM Update – message from the Management Board

Many thanks to those who took time out to attend the EGM on the 20th May. Apologies for the delay in giving an update but we wanted to allow time for any feedback to be sent.

There were 75 attendees with 53 voting. Although the majority (33) supported the proposed rule changes this came to 62% just short of the two thirds required.

We have received a number of emails and messages both in support of the changes and expressing concerns on voting for the changes as one set, with not electing specific Officer roles, having a rolling three year term and from a couple, questioning the 9 year rule, being specific issues.

We have a Management Board meeting the week of 7th June where all the emails and other messages received will be discussed before deciding on next steps.

We really appreciate your patience while we take stock after a very busy period.

Hoping you’re all able to make the most of being allowed to play again.

Regards, Anne (on behalf of the MB)

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