LTA competitions in Sussex – latest update


Latest edited extract from a LTA communication in regards to LTA Competitions in England. Scotland and Wales.


“ As you will have seen, the current situation with regards to sport and what activity is permitted has not changed, although, based on recent conversations with Government, we hope restrictions might be further eased at some point soon, and potentially from the middle of July onwards.


In conjunction with Tennis Scotland and Tennis Wales, we have however made the decision not to run LTA staged and LTA approved competitions (Grade 1 to 5) up to Monday 31st August; this includes the O35s County Cup, Ilkley Grade 2, East Gloucester Grade 2, County Championships and the Junior National Championships.  It is important to note that the LTA British Tour will be treated differently, as is currently the case, to provide elite players with matches in an appropriately controlled environment, following Government guidelines.  We will also review options for the Junior National Championships including whether they can be played later in the year.


This decision has been made for the following reasons:


  • We wanted to provide our Organisers, Officials, Venues and Counties with as much certainty as possible during this challenging period
  • Weeklong competitions require a number of weeks of planning, particularly with the likelihood of following strict social distancing guidelines, and the current situation makes that very difficult
  • We expect ongoing restrictions to mean that medium / large scale events (which see a large number of players, coaches, parents and spectators) are unlikely to be viable for some time
  • Given that some competition organisers have already had to cancel their week long tournaments during late July and into August for logistical reasons beyond their control, we were concerned about the potential inconsistency in opportunities for players with some Counties/regions not having any competition and ranking point opportunities in certain weeks, which would be unfair for certain players


Subject to future Government guidelines, we hope there will be the opportunity for organisers and officials to run some form of competition activity (at Grade 6) during the summer season. We are hopeful that small draws (e.g. 8 or 16 players) may be possible from late July.”


Return to competition – draft roadmap

  1. Wednesday 13th May onwards – we are currently running Local Tennis Leagues & LTA Youth Box Leagues, and venues can run internal club box leagues/ladders
  2. Middle of July – we plan to provide a further update to Competition organisers and officials, LTA Councillors and Counties once the Government has provided further information on how and when sports can return to competition
  3. Late July onwards (provisional) – we hope to see the return of Grade 6 competitions, local friendly matches between clubs and Counties, one day/half day events etc and want to encourage this activity where it is possible
  4. September onwards – we currently continue to plan for the winter season to take place as normal


Tennis Wales and Tennis Scotland will also follow up in due course on the local impact of this announcement.


In summary, we are cancelling all Grade 1 to 5 competitions until the end of August; however, we want to work with Counties and Tournament Organisers to plan the delivery of small one day Grade 6 events, subject to Government guidelines, as a substitute for the loss of this activity above. “