Minutes of Board Meeting 17.02.2020

Tennis Sussex

Minutes of Management Board (MB) Meeting (Meeting 27)

17 February 2020

Tennis Sussex Office, Pav & Ave



Gill Andersson (GA)

Anne Clark (AC)

Alison Cash (ACC)

Jean Cooke (JC)

Sue Foott (SF)

Julie Goldin (JG)

Kate Smith (KS)

Stephanie Trill (ST)




Julie Hobbs

Chris Neighbour













1.     apologies for absence

  • Julie Hobbs
  • Chris Neighbour

2.     MINUTES OF previous MEETING (17.2.20) + ACTIONS RECAP

  • The Minutes were approved.


  • See Action Points above


  • JC reported that the cost of the AGM had reduced from £854.00 in 2019 to £630.70 in 2020
  • 42 people attended

It was agreed that we should hold on agreeing the date for the 2021 AGM until later in the year when diaries were clearer

5.     2020 BUDGET REVIEW

The 2020 Budget was reviewed in detail, line by line.

  • GA to update budget and circulate to MB. Currently the budget shows a deficit of more than 2018/19. Action: GA
  • AC signed the Accounts for 2018/19


  • Chair (AC)
    • AC mentioned that we need to clarify responsibilities and asked SF to update and circulate a document that SF had drafted. Action: SF. It was noted that Cheshire have Exec Committees and Sub-Committees and that this might be a model we should adopt. They also have an online handbook. AC suggested that all MB members should look at Cheshire’s website. Action: All
    • It was noted that in the future we should look at the potential benefits of charitable status but that this was not an immediate priority
  • Treasurer (GA)
    • GA produced a balance sheet + P&L.
    • GA to produce a budget on a quarterly basis and for all upcoming meetings. Action: GA
    • SF suggested we need a budget for 20/21 approved at October meeting. This was agreed.
  • Secretary (JC)
    • JC asked that when Reports are submitted, they could be sent as a separate document headed, for example “Secretary’s Report or Treasurer’s Report or Office Report for MB Meeting 17.2.20” so that it can easily be attached to the Agenda email rather than JC having to save it separately and/or reformat it. Action: All
    • It was agreed that all future MB meetings would start at 6pm instead of 6.30pm
  • LTA Councillor (ST)
    • ST has an LTA General Meeting next week with some proposed rule changes. She explained that all proposed changes were acceptable except that there is a suggestion to change the rules that say that a tennis club/park or venue doesn’t necessarily have to have its own constitution and rules. It was agreed that this could be problematic. AC to discuss at the upcoming SE Forum and get a response from other counties so that ST could pick up with the LTA and so that JC could complete necessary documentation re a proxy vote. Action: AC/ST
    • ST to revert to the MB re any LTA events being held during Wimbledon Action: ST
  • Office Manager (JG)
    • See separate Report
    • JG showed some of the new kit, which has started to arrive. However, it won’t be possible to do the proposed Fun Day on Sunday because some of the kit has been delayed owing to the effects of the Coronavirus in China.
    • Looking at dates for Awards next year to be in February again. Amex will come back to JG with possible dates once the football season schedule is published. JG was complimented on an extremely successful Awards evening. A few suggestions were made as to how it might be improved and shortened. JG to review. Action: JG
    • Crew Club: JG explained that she was still working on getting enough coaches to volunteer, which was proving difficult. There is a possibility of funding to come
    • Devonshire Park: JG explained that the LTA hadn’t yet confirmed whether there would be an LTA Stand at Eastbourne.
    • Website: It was noted that there had been more hits in the past year and that the pages on leagues and results were the most popular. It was agreed that it was vital that the website should remain up to date and should reflect all that is happening in Tennis in Sussex
    • County Champs: JG reported that decisions were yet to be made on dates, tournament directors, referee etc. AC to formally reply to JG re the Tournament Director role. Action: AC. JG to speak to Hollie Milligan re the appointment of referees etc. Action: JG
    • AC thanked JG and the team for all they are doing and remarked on the excellent relationship they have with the LTA team which had been evident in a recent meeting with John Golding
  • Performance
    • No update as presentation happened at AGM. JG was asked to thank KP for what he did at the Awards and generally for all that he is doing for the county. Action: JG
  • Competitions & Leagues (SF)
    • See separate Report. There was nothing further to update.
  • Communications & Marketing (KS)
    • KS is looking at doing more social media for leagues, teams etc. Will contact all team captains for input. Action: KS
  • Wimbledon Tickets (GA)
    • Committee is currently: JG, GA and was Kate Trafford. GA reported that Vanessa Prosser (Chichester) would be taking over Kate’s role. AC asked GA to thank Kate Trafford for all that she had done over the years and suggested sending flowers or a present as a thank you. Action: GA
    • GA to provide a full job description/process paper for Wimbledon Ticket responsibilities. It was agreed that consideration should be given to this role and that it might need to be advertised. Action: GA
    • Draft policy to be distributed to the MB by GA. Action: GA
    • There was much discussion on how to best use any “extra” tickets and whether they would really be appreciated by Clubs if they were offered to them
    • GA to find out what Cheshire do. Action: GA AC to find out at SE Forum how other counties allocate tickets. Action: AC
  • Disability
    • No Disability Report had been submitted
    • JC to check Liz’s contract which may be due for renewal. Action: JC


  • See above under Office Manager


  • It was agreed that the recent Safeguarding training provided at Bede’s and attended by a number of MB members had been very helpful and productive
  • JG looking to run another course for coaches but looking for a venue. Action: JG

9.     DATES FOR 2020 mb mEETINGS

  • It was agreed to hold more MB meetings than had been held in 2019. The following dates/timings were agreed:
    • Monday 20 April
    • Monday 15 June
    • Monday 21 September
    • Monday 9 November
    • 4 December (morning meeting followed by a Christmas Lunch)
    • Mid-Jan 2021 (prior to Awards and AGM. Date tbc)
    • Date for AGM 2021 to be agreed later in the year once diaries for Feb 2021 were clearer
  • Unless otherwise noted, all meetings would start at 6.00pm

10.            A.O.B.

  • There was no other business








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