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If you would like to make a nomination please complete the form below giving as much quality detail as possible as to why you think this person/venue should win the award.

It is the quality of the nomination that the panel will make their decisions not the quantity. 

The more facts you can give the better their chance of winning!

Only one nomination per category per person. You can nominate for all categories

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Examples: Volunteer of the Year/ Coach of the Year/Team of the year

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State the full Name, Team, and Venue clearly.

Without any details the judges cannot decide who wins, please give reasons and any other information. ‘How they made a difference. What title did they win? How have they increased membership?’

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The Tennis Sussex team considers every nomination. Please see separate nomination criteria document. A panel of judges will then decide the winners from a short list of finalists. Nominations must be received by midnight on 22 November 2019 to be considered for The Tennis Sussex Awards 2019. To be considered a nomination must be no fewer than 40 words. All nominations received after that date will not be considered for. The judges’ decision is final. Tennis Sussex reserves the right to cancel the category if deemed necessary. 

Keep the date: 2 February 2020- Tennis Sussex Awards 2019

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