Padel Tennis – the game and how to make it happen

What is Padel?


Padel is a racket sport that combines elements of tennis, squash and badminton and is played by over 12 million people. Padel is doubles only and played outdoors and indoors.

A padel court is smaller than a tennis court (10m x 20m) and is surrounded by glass walls and steel fence. The similarities to tennis are the presence of a net, the scoring system and the balls (slightly softer). Padel bats are small so easier to manoeuvre than tennis rackets.           

Padel is fun, accessible and very sociable. It is an appealing game for all ages and levels of players.


About Game4Padel


Game4padel provide expert padel support and the capital to create and maintain the facility. From feasibility through construction, commissioning courts, setting up management and booking systems, programme and coaching support, a padel business model and ongoing maintenance of the facility.


o             Obtain and pay for planning permission subject to contract

o             Fully funded court construction subject to site survey

o             Installing secure access system

o             Booking, payment and club management platform

o             Club padel coaching programme setup

o             Ongoing support for programme, promotion and marketing.

o             Specialist maintenance

o             Long term maintenance and carpet replacement

o             Membership across the Game4padel network

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