Pav & Ave rally round to raise money for the junior county programme

Huge shout out to Pavilion & Avenue Tennis Club who are organising a fundraising event for Tennis Sussex. TENNIS SUSSEX RALLYTHON @ Pav & Ave Tennis Club on Saturday 22nd August 2020!

Pav & Ave are planning to hold an 8 hour (yes 8 hour!) rally on a single court in order to raise money for the Tennis Sussex Junior County Program and the Pav & Ave Tennis Practice Wall.

Each pair of players will rally for 10-15 minutes before the next pair take on the challenge to create a continuous 8 hour rally! All juniors are wanted but fearless adults are welcome to join in too!

There will be a cake and refreshment stand on the day with all budding “Bake Off” contributions welcome, and all proceeds to go to the cause, to make this a truly team effort.  If you want to get involved please contact and I will put you in touch with the club. Thank you so much for the support Pav & Ave, can your club organise an event like this for our fundraising initiative