She Rallies- 2018

At the LTA SE Regional She Rallies Day on 24th June 2018, 56 activators and 62 young girls took part.
By county the number of activattors varied but as you can see Sussex has a really strong movement building. The numbers were: Sussex – 25, Kent – 17, Surrey – 6, Middlesex and London – 6, Warwickshire – 1, Hertfordshire – 1. Looks as if Sussex are leading the way in getting Girls on court! This can partly be credited to our Ambassadors on the day from Sussex who are Julie Hobbs & Julie Salmon. They were ably assisted by the Ambassadors from other counties and the LTA SE team, Sue Laurence, Jo Horne, Ali and Matt. Also vital to the success of the day were our Sussex Support team of Julie Goldin, Robbie(filming) and last but not least Rebecca our volunteer and Nikki who served as a ‘runner’ amongst other vital things.
The day started at 7.30am when staff and volunteers met to unload a large amount of equipment. Jack opened the doors of Eastbourne Sports Park at 8am, it was then a huge task to get everything ready for the workshop. Activators arrived greeted by SE team and Rebecca offering tea or coffee. At 9.15 am Sue Laurence introduced Judy Murray and the team to explain the goals of the She Rallies movement. The sessions ran like clockwork with everyone having fun and learning. Later in the morning 62 girls with an age range of 8-16 arrived so the activators could put into practice what they had learned. At 1pm the activators and staff left for Devonshire Park to watch the Nature Valley Eastbourne International and have a packed lunch. At 3.30pm we attended a Q & A with Katie Swann followed by Judy Murray.
Quotes from the day: “She rallies course was very well structured and organised. I was very impressed with how energised, passionate and welcoming the Ambassadors were. It was touching to have Judy Murray present and have her on court giving advice and being very approachable.’
‘The courts were filled with a great ambience of unity and everyone wanting to get involved. Interacting with female players, coaches, and teachers was great to share ideas and experiences with. I was very interested to learn how girls may need a different coaching approach to boys and we do need to recognise this difference. I think this is crucial if girls are going to stay in the sport for longer and enjoy tennis, I will be incorporating these ideas into the girls I teach. I would highly recommend this course to others and really do hope this continues to run as this will aid females wanting to play the sport.”