She Rallies – an overview on how to attract and retain more women and girls in tennis.

“Our goal is to empower and expand the number of women and girls coaching and playing tennis across the UK.”

The vision of ‘She Rallies’ is to attract and retain more women and girls’ tennis in the UK by inspiring and empowering a female workforce to create more opportunities for women and girls in tennis. It falls into the LTA’s four-year Women and Girls Strategy, championed by Judy Murray, which aims to significantly increase female participation in tennis across the UK, by developing a female workforce. By rallying together, we’re aiming to create opportunities for women and girls of all ages and experiences to be involved in tennis.

From tennis coaches to brownie leaders, She Rallies provides opportunities for women of all tennis levels across the UK to deliver tennis coaching. The programme will see Judy Murray and her team of female coaches, rallying women together across the UK and empowering them to deliver starter tennis for women and girls in their communities.

Become a She Rallies activator and help get more girls active through tennis, girls can apply if they are 14 and over.

There are 4 workshops you can attend:

LIL Miss-Hits for the 5 to 8 year olds, starter tennis in a fun environment.

This workshop is perfect for primary school teachers, Brownie leaders, sports community leaders.

Teen Girls Starter Tennis: for 11-year-olds & up. Aims to increase the number of teen girls trying & keeping them in the game. Paired & team activities for developing the skills to play tennis, along with fun games that provide a basic introduction to tactical doubles play and court positioning.

This workshop is ideal for teachers, club members, parents, sport/youth leaders.

Girls Fun days:  will give attendees a whole range of ideas for running sessions aimed at any age and level of tennis ability. From beginners to improvers to performers, from under 10s to over 60s. These days are great for bringing girls together and for boosting your numbers at the club or park.

Girls Recreational competition: This workshop will show you how to bring fun into competition using funky rules and out of the box scoring for team or doubles events with a twist. We need more girls competing in school, club and county teams so we must make it fun. Girls like being with their friends so team events are our goal. We will show you how to maximise your numbers and your court space by running skills stations alongside the matches.

Once you have attended a workshop you will have access to the Activators page on the She Rallies website She Rallies with more helpful tips and videos to watch and help you plan your sessions.

Tennis Sussex Ambassadors

Tennis Coaches and former professional tennis players Julie Hobbs & Julie Salmon represent Sussex to deliver She Rallies incentives (INITIATIVES / TRAINING) across our County.

If you are interested in becoming a She Rallies Activator & finding OUT more about She Rallies please contact