Sussex County Championships – Southdown – Lewes

The Sussex County Championships took place for a third year at Southdown Sports Club, Lewes, starting on the 25th August, and culminating in the finals day on 1st September. Entries were up again this year, with 540 entries, being made up of 310 players, ranging from 8 and Under all the way up to veterans singles events. These numbers made it the second most successful County Championships in the South East, and included a wide range of players from beginners, to qualifiers and up to people who have played in Pro and future events around the world.

Tennis Sussex County Championships held at the Southdown Club Lewes 25th August – 2nd September 2019

To put into perspective what a large operation the tournament is, over the 8 days, there were 685 matches, 1246 sets, 10,838 games and over 32,000 minutes (over 533 hours!) of tennis played!

The tournament was run for everyone to be involved, as alongside the usual events, TouchTennis, Family Cup, and disability events were run, with the further introduction of warm up, cool down and strength and conditioning sessions, orchestrated by County Performance Manager Keith Pullin, becoming more and more successful as the week went on. With the weather ranging from needing umbrellas for the heat to needing umbrellas for the rain, the events all ran with great success, and a great display of sportsmanship, FairPlay and overall county togetherness, which epitomises what is wanted in a county championships. A big thank you to all those who helped throughout the week, from court supervisors, to scorers, and to all those at Southdown who helped ensure a smooth and successful week. Finally, a big thank you to Julie Goldin, who has turned the competition into what it is now, and continues to help it in its growth. 


Ryan Young & Dan Bartlett

County Championships Referees