Sussex men just miss out at County week!

The men were in Frinton on sea for county week. 15 doubles matches in 5 days lay ahead against Avon, Northumberland, Cumbria, Channel Islands and Bedfordshire. The team was strong and consisted of Dan Little, Jack Burkill, Sam Rice, Sam Kilhams as well as debutants Harvey Kilsby, Alex Hyman, Stefan Coney and Jamie Muirhead, captained by Keelan Oakley.

The boys got off to a great start with a 6-3 win against Avon who looked to be one of the strongest teams in the division with Little and Rice and Hyman and Burkill all going 3/3 wins for the day. On day 2 we played Northumberland and went down 5-4, a couple of long tight matches not quite going our way which was tough especially in the 30 degree heatwave! Day 3 saw us take on Cumbria who looked to have the strongest team in the division, we battled hard in the heat with 6 of the 9 matches going to 3 sets including a 7-6 6-7 7-6 which Harvey and Jamie just missed out on. On day 4 we played Bedfordshire, took a 6-3 win with great work from Ricey and Stefan getting 3/3. Final day of a physically and mentally tiring week we played the Channel Islands and won 9-0 a fitting end to a great week.

We ended up on 6 points which was the same as Avon, missing out on promotion by 1 rubber!! which really hurt but we left it all out there on the match court and the boys can be proud of their efforts leaving no rubber uncontested! Sussex grit! We had a fun week and gained lots of experience for the promotion charge to start next year!

Special shout out to Sam Rice for winning 14/15 matches in the week, and Dan Little doing 12/13 a fantastic effort physically and mentally as well as tennis wise!