Tennis Sussex Roles


Management Board


Role Name Remit
President Chris Neighbour Represent the County association at key events. Support the Management Board (MB). Provide advice and guidance.
Chair Anne Clark Chair the MB. Network with stakeholders, including partners, the LTA south east region and support team, other Counties, partners and the tennis community. Day to day management of Tennis Sussex working closely with the MB. Oversee the development and implementation of the Tennis Sussex Plans and budgets. Provide guidance where required.
Secretary Jean Cooke Arrange and administer MB meetings and the AGM. Take and issue minutes and keep records. Follow up action items. Assist with the management of paid staff including contractual matters. Assist with contracts and agreements.
Treasurer Gill Andersson Work with the MB to develop annual budgets. Provide regular financial reports to make informed decisions and monitor performance against the budget. Pay and authorise invoices.

Prepare annual accounts, including an independent review and present to the AGM.  Manage payroll of employees. Maintain the efficacy and integrity of the accounting system. Network with other County treasurers.

LTA Councillor

(nominated by the Management Board)

Stephanie Trill Represent Tennis Sussex acting as the link between Tennis Sussex and the LTA (south east region and central teams). Details of the role of the LTA Council and LTA Councillor can be found at:


Coaches representative Julie Hobbs Represent Sussex coaches, act as a communications point, to feedback ideas on what coaches need. Work alongside / liaising with the County Office staff. Communicate with Sussex coaches and in other Counties. Identify aspects where the County and / or LTA can provide assistance. Make suggestions that will encourage coaches to support events.
Communications / Social Media Lead Kate Smith Tennis Sussex works with numerous stakeholders including LTA Registered Venues, coaches, referees, volunteers, schools, colleges, universities, Albion in the Community, Active Sussex and others. Tennis Sussex are required to effectively communicate with each stakeholder to raise the profile of the sport, increase participation and attract investment and support. The main focus is to help promote activities on Social Media.
Competitions [including Leagues & Tournaments] Lead * Sue Foott Help ensure that all tennis competitions in Sussex are efficiently operated, providing opportunities for all standards and age groups to compete at appropriate levels. 

Provide support to the office team to run the Tennis Sussex Summer and Winter leagues and Team tennis.

Wimbledon ticket Lead Alison Cash Be the main point of contact for Tennis Sussex in relation to Wimbledon tickets. Manage the allocation of County discretionary tickets, liaise with and support venues, collate requirements from volunteers and partners, ensuring the relevant Agreements are in place. Adhere to strict LTA guidelines. 
Chairman’s  nomination Vacant A nominee with a specific skill set (not covered by other members) who can add value to Tennis Sussex.
Venues’ representative New role Represent all venues in Sussex. Establish a network of contacts at venues who will relay communications through to committee members and players. Flag up any general concerns and feed through ideas on resources to assist.
Parent / Junior representative New role There are over 3,500 U18s playing tennis in programmes across the @100 Registered Sussex Venues; thousands of juniors playing tennis in schools, at their local park or leisure centre. This role is to help understand the needs of U18s to attract and retain more to help increase participation; what they want from the sport and how Tennis Sussex can help. Effectively promote competition to increase the number of U18s competing. Identify opportunities to create additional competitions to further engage with clubs, coaches, players and parents across Sussex.
Trustees Mike Akers

Rod Danes

Stanley Osborne

Chris Tyler

Updated rules allow for the Trustees to manage the Property of the Association and to have an enhanced role including guidance and advice incorporating governance and oversight as required.


Office team (paid staff) – all part-time (details of roles available on request)


Performance Manager Keith Pullin
Co-ordinators Nicky Palmer

Phil Latham

County team captains (juniors) Various
Disability Manager Liz Bartlett
Website coordinator Jason Squire
County Championships lead TBC
Partner Liaison lead New role Including Patrons Scheme (Peter Boorne to hand over).


Other volunteer roles


Safeguarding /welfare officer Deborah Rayner Gray
Senior’s Coordinators Sue Foott

Wendy Reardon

Rules Jim Andersson Provide support to the MB on the Tennis Sussex Rules, assess any changes in the LTA Rules where these changes will impact on Tennis Sussex Rules, provide support to existing clubs and venues and new clubs who wish to register. 
Discipline Jim Andersson
County teams Various Open and senior teams.
Competitions and tournaments committee Sue Foott,

Steve Godfrey, Christine Greenwood, 

Rebe Cleveland

Assisting with leagues, competitions and tournaments.
Schools/Education Lead Jane Nash
Padel tennis Michelle Collins
Beach tennis Kasia Chmielewska
Diversity & Inclusion
Publicity coordinator Work with the office team and communications representative, coordinate County newsletter/social media/email bulletins. Assist with the mainstream media content and the Website coordinator.
Volunteer coordinator
Events & promotions


Committees and sub groups to be established where appropriate with clear Terms of Reference.