Tennis Sussex Structure


Order of play


Introduction.. 2

Overview.. 3

Tennis Sussex Structure. 4

The Management Board (MB) 4

Appointment Process. 5

Role of the Management Board (MB) 5

Job Descriptions. 5

President 5

Chairperson. 5

Tennis Sussex Coordinator 6

Secretary. 7

Treasurer 8

Volunteer Coordinator 8

LTA Councillor 9

Competitions [& Tournaments] Manager 9

Sponsorship / TSI / Fund raising Manager 10

Coach Representative. 10

Other key functions. 11

Tennis Sussex Rules. 11

Discipline. 11

Fair Play Ambassadors. 12

Wimbledon ticket ballot administrator 12

Patrons Scheme. 12

Trustees. 12

Communications. 12

Events & Promotions. 12

County Cup lead?. 12

Disability Tennis lead?. 13

Junior engagement lead. 13

Senior engagement lead (Senior County teams) 13

Appendix A – LTA Councillor Role. 14

Appendix B – County Seniors Organiser Role. 15









As with all sports, Tennis relies on a volunteer workforce for all areas of tennis at club, county, national and international levels.


Sussex County Lawn Tennis Association (Tennis Sussex) is run by volunteers who have a close working relationship with the LTA London and south east region team and the LTA central support and Tennis Foundation functions.


The Management Board (MB), made up of volunteers and one paid Coordinator, is responsible for the administration and development of tennis across Sussex. Supported by the LTA and a number of sponsors, Tennis Sussex’ aim is to increase participation and create a strong platform on which to build on in the future.


The MB is responsible for developing and implementing the Tennis Sussex Plans which will outline the County objectives and actions, in line with LTA priorities. Plans will be created annually to ensure that everyone understands the key objectives and activities and works together and in line with agreed priorities. The Plans will be dynamic and regularly reviewed and updated. Each member of the MB will have responsibility for designated areas and will assist with one or more working groups, co-ordinating activities with other volunteers in various roles. Working groups will be set up to assist with either one-off or ongoing activities.


The MB and other volunteers will have contact with allocated Clubs to ensure that they have what they need to run a successful and sustainable Club and create new and innovative ways to engage to strengthen relations and increase participation.


The aim is that there will be many volunteers helping Tennis Sussex – supporting clubs, parks, schools, higher education and other venues, coaches, organising competitions, identifying new opportunities to raise the profile of the sport and increase participation, communicating news and information and much more.


Reasons to be involved include it being fun, making new friends, learning new skills, feeling good about achievements and making a difference.



First the big picture of the various tennis organisations, how they link to each other and a brief description of what they do.


The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) –


The LTA is the governing body of British Tennis. The LTA has a Council of representatives which includes one representative from Sussex LTA.


Tennis Foundation


The Tennis Foundation is the UK’s leading tennis charity responsible for the delivery and development of community tennis, education and disability tennis.


Sport England


Sport England is focused on helping people and communities across the country create a sporting habit for life, between 2012 – 2017 Sport England will invest £1 Billion of exchequer funding into sport through National Governing Bodies like the LTA and sports agencies and partners.


The Sussex Lawn Tennis Association (Tennis Sussex) –


Tennis Sussex is an Association of tennis venues and related organisations in Sussex. This includes member clubs, commercial clubs, corporate clubs, clubs on a park site, and local authority or school venues. There is an annual fee for registration based on the number of courts. Also part of Tennis Sussex are a number of ‘Associated Organisations’ such as district tennis leagues associations. Tennis Sussex has a constitution and rules and holds an Annual General Meeting at which members vote to elect members of the Management Board and to approve rule changes.


Tennis Sussex Structure


The Management Board (MB)


The MB is made up of the following roles:


  • President
  • Chairperson
  • Tennis Sussex Coordinator
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Sussex LTA Councillor
  • Competitions [& Tournaments]
  • Sponsorship / TSI / Fund raising
  • Coach representative
  • LTA Head of Region / Regional Tennis Participation Manager – when required


The MB is a democratic body with most members elected at the AGM. Each MB member has a specific role; some carry out their responsibility on their own, while others have a team of supporting volunteers. The MB has six to twelve meetings a year to conduct official business.


Appointment Process


  1. Members of the MB would expect to serve for a minimum of 3 years
  2. One or two members of the MB to stand down each year but can be available for re-election at the AGM.
  3. Nominations for election to the MB to be made annually via the Tennis Sussex Management Team Nominations Form – Secretary responsible
  4. Potential candidates to be introduced at the AGM

Role of the Management Board (MB)


The Management Team is responsible for the Sussex Tennis Plan which outlines the objectives and actions of the Management Team and the County. It is created annually and ensures that everyone works together and in line with LTA priorities. It is a dynamic plan and is regularly reviewed and updated.


Job Descriptions




The President supports the work of the MB with a responsibility for public relations and partnerships (with sponsors and other key partners involved with the work of the Association to retain and increase participation working closely with the Chair, Sponsorship Lead and Coordinator).




The Chairperson takes responsibility for day to day management and decision making on behalf of the Management Team and Tennis Sussex.




  • Responsible for the day to day management of Tennis Sussex working closely with the other members of the MB
  • Oversees the development and implementation of the Tennis Sussex Plans which will outline the County objectives and actions
  • Along with the Secretary manage the Tennis Sussex Coordinator
  • Develop strong working relationships with key personnel, i.e. Tennis Sussex volunteers, LTA south east region staff, LTA support staff, sponsors and partners
  • Make decisions on behalf of the MB and Tennis Sussex
  • Agree meeting agendas with the Secretary
  • Chair meetings, keep to the agenda and ensure the meetings remain focused
  • Act as a spokesperson for Tennis Sussex
  • Motivate and support all Tennis Sussex volunteers
  • Lead the direction of growth and retention, professionalism and efficiency


Tennis Sussex Coordinator


The Tennis Sussex Coordinator works closely with all members of the MB, reporting into the Chairperson and Secretary and is responsible for:


  • Administration of the County office
  • Local point of contact taking a proactive approach to engaging with local tennis stakeholders
  • LTA registration – identification and registration of new places to play
  • County Cups – elements of team administration support, communications and captain support; support Junior County Cup
  • Tennis Sussex Awards – annual celebration of tennis in Sussex
  • [Aegon International Play Tennis Zone – coordination and delivery]
  • Enhancing Tennis Sussex’ offer to clubs, coaches and referees
  • Communication – send good news stories on to the Regional Tennis Service Assistant / twitter and sending out regular e-newsletters plus seeking innovative ways to communicate with the wider Sussex community to raise the profile of Tennis Sussex, tennis in Sussex and opportunities to get more people playing more often
  • County Leagues – assist with the County leagues as required
  • County Training – coordinate county training for all junior teams and increase the number of participants to grow the performance player base
  • Increasing the number of Regularly Competing Juniors (RCJs) – supporting local coordinators, referees, competition organisers, clubs, coaches and volunteers to build strong internal competition programmes to encourage more U18s to compete regularly and identifying opportunities to create suitable inter-club team and individual competition
  • Supporting the Regional Tennis Services Assistant and Regional Tennis Participation Manager on the coordination and promotion of forums, Aegon Team Tennis, Road to Wimbledon, Road to Eastbourne, tennis in education, tennis in parks, disability tennis etc.
  • Supporting, and recruiting as required, County Fair Play Ambassadors
  • Supporting, and recruiting as required, a County Seniors Organiser (CSO) responsible for the successful delivery of seniors tennis in the County
  • Helping to administer and activate Tennis Sussex Sponsor negotiations and activation
  • Investigating and coordinating opportunities to develop a Sussex apprenticeship scheme
  • Producing monthly reports for Tennis Sussex Management Team on progress against agreed measures and outcomes
  • Carry out other tasks as required that may be identified to support Tennis Sussex.




The Secretary handles the basic administration, working closely with the Coordinator, to ensure the smooth running of the Association. This involves making and keeping records, correspondence and other communications.




  • One of the first points of contact for enquiries
  • Deals with correspondence
  • Organises the AGM
  • Organises and attends all Management Board meetings
  • Responsible for taking and distributing meeting minutes
  • Maintains accurate records
  • Ensures action points from meetings have been completed



The Treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate financial records and ensuring they relate closely to the Sussex Tennis Plan. The treasurer is the day to day financial manager, working closely with the MB to develop annual budgets and provide regular financial reports in order to make informed decisions and monitor performance against the budget.




  • Leads on and maintains the Tennis Sussex accounts
  • Pays and authorises invoices up to and including £1,000
    • Including online payments and regular banking
  • Keeps up to date records of all the financial transactions
  • Reports regularly to the MB on the financial status of the Association
  • Prepares year end statements of accounts to be presented to the auditor
  • Presents end of year financial report to the AGM
  • Responsible for financial planning including producing an annual budget and monitoring it throughout the year
  • Liaise with Treasurers from other County Associations to share best practice, discuss issues etc.


Volunteer Coordinator


The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, supporting, developing and retaining volunteers along with working with the MB to manage rewards and recognition for Volunteers:




  • Recruit, recognise, reward and retain volunteers
  • Supervise all volunteers, ensuring opportunities for feedback and training
  • Act as the main contact for all volunteers – from new recruits to long serving volunteers
  • Liaise with the Chairperson to ensure all tasks required to run the Association efficiently are carried out
  • Help to ensure each task has been assigned to a volunteer
  • Ensure each volunteer understands their job and their role within the organisation
  • Ensure all roles have a role description (consult volunteers and MB)
  • Co-ordinate the implementation of the volunteer recruitment plan including annual volunteer recruitment drives for Tennis Sussex
  • Annually monitor and evaluate the plan for effectiveness
  • Work with the MB to identify all possible methods of reward and recognition


LTA Councillor


The Tennis Sussex LTA Councillor is the representative of Tennis Sussex (and its members) acting as the ‘Lead Councillor’ and the link between Tennis Sussex and the executive staff of the LTA. The Councillor Role Definition is attached at Appendix A.


Competitions [& Tournaments] Manager


The Competitions Manager helps to ensure that all competitions in Tennis Sussex are efficiently operated, providing opportunities for all standards to compete at appropriate levels.




  • Run the Tennis Sussex Summer and Winter leagues
  • Work with the Coordinator for Aegon team tennis
  • Set up a sub committee to run the Sussex Tennis Junior County Closed. This will included agreeing club(s) where the event will be held, resources required, communications to encourage increased participation etc.
  • ??? Links to Senior competitions
  • ……..Phil to review and complete


Sponsorship / TSI / Fund raising Manager


The Sponsorship /TSI / Fund raising Manager is responsible for attracting income from sponsors to support the work of Tennis Sussex and acting as the point of contact to ensure efficient and productive dialogue is maintained. This role will work closely with the Chairperson, President, Coordinator and Treasurer and is responsible for:




  • Design a professional sponsorship package
  • Service current sponsors, ensuring Contracts are agreed and regularly reviewed
  • Identify potential sponsors
  • Work with prospective sponsors
  • Attract new income in to the Association
  • Present to local businesses at monthly breakfast networking sessions at AMEX with other MB representatives
  • Manage the Tennis Sussex Initiative (TSI) Funds defining clear criteria (all TSI awards to be discussed at MB meetings against agreed and advertised criteria)
  • Identifies fund raising opportunities e.g., grants and sponsorship, LTA opportunities, other funding (Sport England, European initiatives……)


Coach Representative


The Coach Representative will represent all Coaches in Sussex to feedback ideas on what coaches need and to act as a communication point for coaches in Sussex.




  • Communicate with coaches in Sussex and other Counties
  • Identify aspects where the County and / or LTA can provide assistance
  • Make suggestions that will encourage coaches to support events (eg JCC)
  • …….


Other key functions




A small team of advisors to provide support to the MB on the Tennis Sussex Rules, assessing any changes in the LTA Rules where these changes will impact on Tennis Sussex Rules and providing support to Clubs and venues in Sussex with their Rules.


Managing Club Rules


Existing Clubs


  1. Cease the occasional request to Clubs to submit their Rules for scrutiny. A large majority do not comply and those that do could change them at their next General Meeting without us knowing.
  2. Issue to Clubs a list of the areas which need to be covered in Club Rules and with which they must comply.
  3. Require Clubs to certify periodically that they comply with the requirements. A suggestion of how this could be done is to require the certificate each year as part of the registration process.
  4. Provide a limited facility to help Clubs, particularly small ones, who want to comply but genuinely do not understand what to do.
  5. Tell Clubs their Rules may be called for on a random basis to confirm the system is working.


New Clubs registering for the first time


  1. Require Clubs to have their Rules checked before acceptance




Fair Play Ambassadors


Wimbledon ticket ballot administrator


Patrons Scheme




The Tennis Sussex rules state that the number of Trustees of the Association shall not be more than four or less than two.


Rule 10.8 c) states that The Trustees from time to time shall have the right to attend meetings of the Management Board and General Meetings but they shall not have the right to vote at such meetings unless otherwise qualified to do so.



This is a particularly important area. Tennis Sussex works with numerous stakeholders including LTA Registered Venues,, coaches, referees, volunteers, schools, colleges, universities, Albion in the Community, Active Sussex and others. It is important that Tennis Sussex continues to effectively communicate with each stakeholder in order to raise the profile of the sport, increase participation and attract investment and support. The Coordinator has a number of responsibilities relating to Communications but there is the need for various sub groups to assist eg Baseline, e-newsletters, manage the website and other social media platforms (twitter, facebook…..), publicity, etc. Need to discuss how best to manage


Events & Promotions


?? Assistance with the Great British Tennis Weekends, the Play Tennis Zone at the Aegon International Tennis Sussex, other small to medium events throughout the year that require support and resource to succeed.


  • identify opportunities for Tennis Sussex to raise the profile of the sport, increase participation and promote local exit routes
  • support the delivery of activity and events that help raise the profile of the sport, increase participation and promote local exit routes
  • [Support the delivery of the Play Tennis Zone at the Aegon International]


County Cup lead?


Working with the Tennis Sussex Coordinator


  • help coordinate and communicate team training
  • help distribute kit
  • be responsible for communicating results / reports to recognise the successes of the teams


Disability Tennis lead?


Coordinate and communicate activity across the County and identify opportunities, partners, funding to create new activity to help more people with disabilities play tennis in modified and adapted versions of the sport as possible.



  • Carry out an audit with venues across Sussex to understand what programmes are currently offered
  • Work with the Tennis Foundation Regional Disability Tennis Development Manager to collate information and create promotional materials that help raise awareness of activity to help increase participation and act as a point of contact in Sussex for anyone with enquiries as to where to play and any other related queries
  • Help to identify partners, funding and opportunities to get more people with disabilities to play tennis more often

Junior engagement lead


There are over 3,500 U18s playing tennis regularly within programmes across the [90] Registered Venues in Sussex; thousands of juniors playing tennis in schools, at their local park or leisure centre. This lead would help understand the needs of U18s in order to attract and retain even more to help increase participation.




  • Create and launch a campaign to engage with U18s, better understand their motivations, what they want from the sport and how Tennis Sussex can help
  • Support the Tennis Sussex Coordinator and LTA Regional Competition Coordinator to effectively promote competition in order to increase the number of U18s competing and to identify opportunities to create additional competition opportunities to further engage with clubs, coaches, players and parents across Sussex


Support the Tennis Sussex Coordinator and Tournaments [& Competitions] Manager to promote the County Closed, increase entries and improve the feel of the event to put it back on the map as an annual celebration of tennis in the County


Senior engagement lead (Senior County teams)


The County Seniors Organiser role is attached at Appendix B



Appendix A – LTA Councillor Role



To be inserted




Appendix B – County Seniors Organiser Role




To be inserted


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