Adult and Senior Competitions

Seniors Tennis competitions are open to all levels of players aged 30 & over – so whether you are a seasoned regular or new to competing, there’s something for everyone!

Competitions run in five-year age gaps and players first become eligible to compete when they are in their 30th year. After that you can move upwards through the five-year age groups, always from the year in which you attain your new age. There are formal competitions you can compete in right up to the 85+ age group.

You can enter singles and/or doubles events in most age groups and the quickest way to get started is to search tournaments near you using the search tools on this website.

The LTA Competitions search tool lets you search tournaments by entering your age group, dates available and/or the distance that you want to travel. You can also view and download the calendar of events organised and sanctioned by Seniors Tennis GB. These include British tournaments that are part of the ITF Seniors Circuit.