LGBTQ+ Tennis

LGBTQ+ History Month

February is LGBTQ+ history month and Pride in Tennis would like to invite the volunteers, officials, coaches and players within your county to be a part of the Rally Allies training programme. 

Designed to make tennis venues become more LGBTQ+ inclusive, the first diversity and inclusion initiative is the first of its type in tennis gives you a 2hr educational webinar, followed by a resources pack for any LTA registered venue, and all for free. 

Designed in partnership between Pride in Tennis, the LTA and LEAP sports, it’s the perfect way for your county to become a leader in intersectional equality, whilst meeting the expectations of the LTA’s new diversity and inclusion strategy. 

If you want to know more check out this LTA article: here.

Or find out the full details of the scheme on our website: here.

Or to sign up to either of our free courses running in Feb directly just register with eventbrite here.


Tennis Sussex in partnership with Pride in Tennis are working to make an environment which is safe and inclusive for all LGBTQ+ players, coaches, volunteers officials and fans, allowing them to be their authentic selves with confidence and without prejudice.  

The Tennis group was one of the original sports groups when BLAGSS began in 1997. It is a successful and friendly group who play on Wednesdays Fridays and Sundays at Hove Park.

Blagss Tennis is a separate club within the umbrella of the Hove Park Tennis Alliance (HPTA) and we operate within this under our own HPTA  Blagss Membership**.  Annual membership £70. Which also gives you access to pre book courts on line for FREE outside of our Wednesday Friday and Sunday sessions.

The group has players of varying standards. They are always looking for new players to come and join us. 

For more Information please click here