County Cup – Junior Teams

Junior County Cup

One of the biggest and best team events of the junior tennis season – this is the Junior County Cup.

Teams from every county in the nation come together for a series of regional and national events to uncover the champions.

There are seven age groups of competitions for the Junior County Cup – 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 14U and 18U – giving young players a chance to compete with top talent around Britain.

Don’t forget we also have the South East Area Trophy (one day event for 16U) & Adult County Cup tournament for open age group players.

Click below for the LTA Safeguarding guidelines for County Cup and League matches.

County Cup – Juniors selection

Whilst the county training programme is designed to cater for ‘more’ players, county cup is about fielding the team that has the best possible chance of success. With fewer players involved than that of county training, it will subsequently cause disappointment amongst the players who are not selected.

The coaching team are very mindful of this but have a duty to choose, based on evidence and their professional opinion, the strongest players for the event. The selection panel consisting of the CPM, captain and vice-captain for each age group and/or alongside the office manager will go through an extensive selection process.

The selections process is based on a number of factors including ranking and knowledge of players – reliability, foreseeable physical fitness, conduct, and a player’s ability to work within the team.

We understand we will not please all, but it is our aim to ensure the player, the parent, and the coach not only understand the process, but trust it, respecting the professionalism and integrity of the selection panel. The panel will show no bias towards any club or player throughout the process.

Where possible, selections will be made 4 weekends prior to the County Cup event. The captains are also responsible for confirming selection and non-selection with the Tennis Sussex Office who will notify the players/parents during the following week.

Junior County cup selection is based on a combination of direct entry players and wildcards as follows:

Direct Entry

This will be a number of players (per the below table) who will be automatically selected based on their county
ranking or recent form lists (9U & 10U) when selection takes place. However, the county reserve the right to omit any players if any concerns have been communicated to the parents and player regarding their attitude or behaviour in training or competition prior to selection.

If a player who qualifies for the team as a direct acceptance, declines their place, the spot will not automatically be filled by the next ranked player. All remaining places in the team will go through the selection process and be decided via the selection panel.


Wildcards can be selected at any time, (i.e. at selection meetings, asked to participate in a play-off match(es) or be selected as a result of training sessions). The Team Captain will make final decision.

Please note

Age GroupNumber of Players via Direct Entry Wild Cards FormatEvent Days
8U MixedN/A* 4 Boys & 4 Girls4 singles and 2 doubles1
9U MixedN/A
* 6 Boys & 6 Girls
4 singles and 2 doubles1
10UN/A* 6 Boys & 6 Girls4 singles and 2 doubles2
11U4up to 24 singles and 2 doubles2
12U4up to 24 singles and 2 doubles2
14U424 singles and 2 doubles2
16U314 singles and 2 doubles1
18U6up to 46 singles and 3 doubles3
  1. * Competitive results are NOT the sole factor taken into consideration when selecting teams in these year groups
  2. If a player has not played a minimum of six singles matches under LTA Competition regulations and/or ITF competition regulations in the previous season they may be discounted from selection regardless of ranking or rating.
  3. The captain reserves the right to change the team if a player does not attend any of the arranged practice sessions.

Pictures of our County Teams

Junior County Cup Dates and Venues for 2024

Age groupCounty Cup DatesGroupVenueResults
8U Mixed27-28th April 2024Bromley TC
9U Boys23-24th March 2024
Finals – 20-21st April 2024
South Group EBromley TC
9U GirlsQualifying 23-24th March 2024
Finals – 20-21st April 2024
South Group EBromley TC
10U BoysQualifying 18-19th May 2024
Finals- 8-9th June 2024
South Group DThame LTC
10U GirlsQualifying 18-19th May 2024
Finals- 8-9th June 2024
South Group DNorth Oxford LTC
11U BoysPlay-Offs & Area Leagues – 15-16th June 2024
Finals 5-6th July 2024
Play-Off Group 1ATBA
11U GirlsPlay-Offs & Area Leagues – 15-16th June 2024
Finals 5-6th July 2024
Group 2DTBA
12U BoysPlay-Offs & Area Leagues – 14-15th 2024
Finals 27-28th September 2024
TBCFinals in Nottingham
12U GirlsPlay-Offs & Area Leagues – 14-15th September 2024
Finals 27-28th September 2024
TBCFinals in Nottingham
14U BoysPlay-Offs & Area Leagues – 27-28th April 2024
Finals 10-12th May 2024
Division 1B Play OffsWeald LT & SC – Hassocks.
14U GirlsPlay-Offs & Area Leagues – 27-28th April 2024
Finals 10-12th May 2024
Division 2ACorby Tennis Centre
16U BoysSEA Trophy Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club
16U GirlsSEA Trophy Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club
18U Boys3rd -5th March 2024Group 4ACardiff
18U Girls3rd – 5th March 2024Group 3BSunderland