The New Tennis Sussex Knockout Tournament now open. Singles and Doubles

It was about time. Middlesex, Surrey and Kent have their own postal knockout tournament and we thought we should develop our own here in Sussex.  The Finals will take place at the Chichester Club.  We have followed the Surrey model and have created tournaments for the following categories:

Men’s Open Singles – Ladies Open Singles

Men’s Open Doubles – Ladies Open Doubles

35+Men’s Singles – 35+ Ladies Singles

45+Men’s Singles – 45+ Ladies Singles

45+ Men’s Doubles – 45+ Ladies Doubles

45+ Mixed Doubles

55+ Men’s Singles – 55+ Ladies Singles

65+ Men’s Singles – 65+ Ladies Singles

You can apply through this LTA link:


1.) Events Available:

 Singles – Men (OPEN,35,45,55,65)  Singles – Women (OPEN, 35,45,55,65)  Doubles – Men (OPEN,45 +)  Doubles – Women (OPEN – 45+)  Doubles – Mixed (45 +)

2.) Age Restrictions: All age groups are aligned with competition seasons. The Summer competition dates are: 1 April – July 31st with the finals to be played on August 8th. Your age on the last date of the upcoming competition season will determine which age group you will compete in for that season. For example a 44 year old male with a DOB of 01/12/2019 cannot compete on the O45 event for that 2019 summer season.

3.) Eligibility: Players MUST be a member of a Sussex registered venue to compete. Doubles pairs are NOT required to be a member of the same Sussex venue. They MUST however still be a member of a Sussex registered venue. If a pair is from different clubs then 1 of their venues must be nominated as the pair’s HOME venue. This then must remain the same for the remainder of the event.   ii.) For David Lloyd Club members, your ‘HOME’ club must be within Sussex.

4.) Prices: Singles events: £15.00  Doubles events: £10.00 per player (players CANNOT enter for their partner. They must enter themselves)

5.) Payment: Payment is to be made via PayPal prior to the draws being made. If this payment has not been made when the draw is created, the county reserve the right to withdraw any entry. Players who are not able to complete their payment via PayPal must immediately let the county know who will provide details for a BACS transfer.

6.) Scoring format:

 Open and Over 35 events – best of 3 sets with a tie break at 6 games all in the first 2 sets, followed by a full set at 1 set all.  Senior (Veteran) Over 40 events –2 tie break sets followed by a match tie break (to 10pts) at 1 set all.  FINALS – The referee reserves the right on finals day to run all age groups with a format of 2 tie break sets followed by a match tie break (to 10pts) at 1 set all.

7.) Contact information: At the beginning of each season, players will receive a spreadsheet containing the contact details of the remaining players in their draw. It is the responsibility of competitors to check the online draw and make necessary arrangements to play their matches.

8.) Home advantage: When the draw is first published, home advantage for each match is determined by which player or pair is positioned higher in the draw. After the first round, each age group organiser will advise the player or pair whether or not they will have home advantage for their next round. For the purpose of deciding home advantage, a walk-over or bye is regarded as a home match. i.) Home players or pairs must provide at least three new yellow balls to be used for the match. ii.) Home players or pairs must offer their opposition at least 3 dates, at least a week apart before the round play by date.

9.) Results: Results must be told to the organiser by the winning player or pair within 24 hours of the match completion.

10.) Organisers: The organisers are volunteers and must be the first port of call for any queries. The organisers will then liaise with the county office where necessary.

11.) Seedings: The seedings for all events are decided prior to the season starting by the ‘Seedings Committee’. All seedings that are put in place are final and will not be changed unless the Competitions Committee deems it necessary.

12.) Court surfaces: Any surface is permitted to be played on, it is the decision of the home player. However once a match starts on a chosen surface, unless weather intervenes, then the match must NOT be moved to another surface during the match unless captains mutually agree. i.) Where doubles pairs have entered as members of separate clubs, they must use the same club and same surface throughout the event, unless mutually agreed by their opposition.

13.) Finals day: Players must not enter any event where they know they are unable to compete on finals day. i.) If a player discovers they are unable to compete on finals day midseason, they must ‘scratch’ at the first match point of their next match and concede the match. ii.) Players who have been selected for an international or county match which clashes with the Surrey Knockouts finals day, will be allowed to complete in their final on another day.

14.) Player absence: If a player is absent without good cause when called upon to play at the expiration of thirty minutes from the time agreed for the commencement of the match, his opponent or opponents shall be entitled immediately to one love set, and at the expiration of sixty minutes to a further love set.

15.) Walkover: Any player withdrawing within 96 hours of an agreed match will risk conceding a walkover. Situations of this must be immediately raised to the relevant age event organiser.

16.) Aggressive Behaviour: Please see our ‘Verbal Abuse, Harassment, Intimidation & Threatening Behaviour’ statement on page 1.

17.) Organiser Respect: All of our organisers are volunteers and we expect them to be treated with respect. Be aware that if we deem that a player has displayed any abusive, threatening or intimidating behaviour towards one of our organisers, we reserve the right to withdraw them from the draw.

18.) Additional Entries: It is at the counties discretion to add additional entries into any draw following the entry deadline. This may result in already published draws having to be altered. If that is the case, all affected players will be contacted.